Saddle Tanks – AS/ASDW

Single & Double Wall

Our Saddle series tanks provide a step up in sturdiness and ruggedness in capacities 150 to 4,000 gallons. Similar to Stout models but with seal-welded steel saddles. AS and ASDW models are well suited for the heaviest of jobs from industry to agriculture.

Typical Uses:

  • Motor Fuels
  • Lubricants
  • Waste Oils
  • UL-142 Listed, 12 gauge carbon steel and heavier.
  • Simple, yet sturdy, providing safe product storage at a convenient elevation.
  • Legs are full seal welded on 1/4″ pad. No welding directly on tank.
  • Sealed with Threaded Steel Plugs below liquid level.
  • Ideal for tanks placed in an existing containment area such as an earthern berm or a masonry wall.
  • Standard Turner Openings: four 2″ openings and one emergency vent (single wall) and one 3/4″ outlet.
  • Our tanks undergo at least two testing procedures and are carefully inspected.
  • Sturdy 1/4″ plate “feet” elevate the tank 3″-4″ above grade.
  • Finished with a high-quality Gloss Tank Red (GTR) primer.
  • Up to 4,000 gallons.

For dimensional drawings, click on the Model Number at left. For gauge charts, click on the icon in the Gauge Chart column at right.

Single-Wall Saddle
ModelGallonsGaugeWeight (lbs)DimensionsGauge Chart
AS-150-121531224530″ Dia. x 50″ L
AS-270-122731232936″ Dia.x 62″ L
AS-525-125321253446″ Dia. x 74″ L
AS-1000-10/46103610110746″ Dia. x 144″ L
AS-1000-10/64103610110764″ Dia.x 74″ L
AS-1500-715007162664″ Dia.x 108″ L
AS-2000-720057200864″ Dia. x 144″ L
AS-3000-730087277364″ Dia.x 216″ L
AS-4000-740117353864″ Dia.x 288″ L
Double-Wall Saddle
ModelGallonsGaugeWeight (lbs)DimensionsGauge Chart
ASDW-150-121531244630″ Dia. x 50″ L
ASDW-270-122731262236″ Dia. x 62″ L
ASDW-525-125321298146″ Dia. x 74″ L
ASDW-1000-10/46103610198746″ Dia. x 144″ L
ASDW-1000-10/64103610198764″ Dia. x 74″ L
ASDW-1500-715007279364″ Dia. x 108″ L
ASDW-2000-720057346264″ Dia. x 144″ L
ASDW-3000-730087480064″ Dia x 216″ L
ASDW-4000-740117614064″ Dia. x 288″ L
Turner Tanks are available with basic accessories already installed, including the items shown on this page. Pumps and other accessories are usually provided by the distributor. Feel free to use the Contact Us form for questions regarding your specific needs.
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