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Since 1939, Turner Tanks has focused on one thing: We build high-quality, small, above-ground, steel storage tanks. From 25 gallons to 4,000 gallons, we build tanks for industrial, agricultural, automotive, commercial and residential use. Turner Tanks are manufactured in Goldsboro, NC, and sold through Petroleum Equipment Distributors from New England to Texas. Click here to find the distributor nearest you.


For over 80 years, Turner has served contractors large and small in the construction of highways, bridges, buildings and even military installations here in North Carolina. On-site Turner heavy-duty, double-wall skid tanks keep cranes, graders and bulldozers on the go. Dependability you can count on 24/7.


Factory locations require safe, reliable storage of numerous products needed to keep machine tools operating around the clock. Enter Turner’s rugged pallet tank series. Confidently take the product to the machine in capacities of 260, 275, 380, 500 and 1,000 gallons.


Long a leading maker of work bench tanks, Turner offers numerous other styles of storage tanks for engine oils, gear oils and other fresh oils as well as waste fluids. Tanks start at 150 gallons. Need something bigger? Try our Pit series of tanks up to 2,000 gallons, that are very popular in fast lube centers and new car dealerships.


Turner Tanks, located in farming country, has provided products for the storage and refueling of motor fuels in tractors and combines since our founding in 1939. Skid, Saddle and Stout tanks can be found in farming operations throughout America.


Turner still offers a complete line of Basement Tanks and Tank Stands for heating oil storage. Other styles very popular for heating oil storage include Utility and Horizontal.


Our network of distributors is available every day to assist small businesses and large corporations in selecting the tanks that will best serve the needs of their customers and keep their service vehicles and heavy equipment running.       

Featured Tank

Stout Tanks – ST/STDW

Our most popular series

The dictionary defines stout as being able to withstand considerable stress or hardship, and that is what our customers get with our ST models ranging from 150 to 2,000 gallons. We put some extra effort into making stout “feet.” First, the thick steel feet are formed and then welded to mounting pads, which in turn are seal-welded to the tank. All feet have a single, large hole for anchoring the tanks to hard surfaces when required. Available in single or double-wall models.

Typical Uses:

  • Motor Fuels
  • Lubricants
  • Waste Oils

Standard Specifications
Drawings & Gauge Charts
Options & Accessories
Standard Specifications

  • UL-142 Listed, 12 gauge carbon steel and heavier.
  • An above-ground tank that offers the economy of the Utility series with the convenience of an elevated Saddle tank.
  • Legs are full seal welded. No welding directly on tank.
  • Sealed with Threaded Steel Plugs below liquid level.
  • Standard Turner Openings: four 2″ openings and one emergency vent (single wall), and one 3/4″ outlet.
  • Our tanks undergo at least two testing procedures and are carefully inspected.
  • Sturdy 1/4″ plate “feet” elevate the tank 3″ above grade.
  • Finished with a high-quality Gloss Tank Red (GTR) primer.

Drawings & Gauge Charts

Single-Wall Stout
Model Gallons Gauge Weight (lbs) Dimensions Gauge Chart
ST-150-12 153 12 203 30″ Dia. x 50″ L
ST-270-12 273 12 289 36″ Dia. x 62″ L
ST-525-12 532 12 455 46″ Dia. x 74″ L
ST-1000-10 1036 10 992 46″ Dia. x 144″ L
ST-1500-7 1036 10 992 46″ Dia. x 108″ L
ST-2000-7 1036 7 992 64″ Dia. x 144″ L
Double-Wall Stout
Model Gallons Gauge Weight (lbs) Dimensions Gauge Chart
STDW-150-12 153 12 426 30″ Dia. x 50″ L
STDW-270-12 273 12 600 36″ Dia. x 62″ L
STDW-525-12 532 12 961 46″ Dia. x 74″ L
STDW-1000-10 1036 10 1960 46″ Dia. x 144″ L
STDW-2000-7 1036 7 992 64″ Dia. x 144″ L

Options & Accessories
Turner Tanks are available with basic accessories already installed, including the items shown on this page. Pumps and other accessories are usually provided by the distributor. Feel free to use the form for questions regarding your specific needs.

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